Why does Aldacom sell projector lamps?

Why does Aldacom sell projector lamps?

Our original core competence lies in antenna and projection technology, which we have been developing on a daily basis since 2007. In the beginning, we worked with a few suppliers, who provided us with an extensive product portfolio in return.
From this on, we realized that the growing e-commerce projects are more and more related to the customer, and we have to adapt our projects to offer you the highest possible quality and the best possible price.

With this in mind, we searched for other suppliers and built long-lasting business relationships with them over the years. These carried over to renowned and worldwide production facilities, with those we are still working together.

These collaborations, combined with our quality standards, reflect our Alda PQ brand, which we have divided into three product categories.
First, we offer the Alda PQ® Professional lamp, which combines the highest possible production standards in its manufacture and processing. Second, we have the Alda PQ® Reference Lamp in our range, which offers you a high level of quality at an advantageous price. The Alda PQ® Premium lamp is our third category, where the focus is on price, which is considered among the quality standards.
True to our slogan: “E-commerce for you”, we want to provide you with the best lamps to support you in all your projects.
Disty Magic

Disty Magic

Businesses invest a great deal in infrastructure in order to create a powerful mechanism that alerts buyers, makes sales and creates profits, yet a key area of need to become very successful is a strong business channel.

The key is in three parts:

1 – Knowing how to craft this sales tool.

2 – Knowing how to use the channel once it’s been put together.

3 – Knowing how to consistently use it to service customers and attract new ones

We’d be delighted to explain this further, showing you how we could expand your business massively.

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We’ve Mastered Successful Distribution

We’ve Mastered Successful Distribution

Now we’ve mastered successful distribution we can become your strategic

distribution partner…

We started with a simple product we wanted to distribute. For many years we worked as a group of young successful entrepreneurs who have created a simple yet effective way to get quality products to market using well known channels like Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten & Alibaba.

We soon realised that our ‘magic’ was not the product, but how was how we’d created a successful business platform around the way we were marketing and selling our chosen product.

Then the realisation. We did this for ourselves and are still doing it. But we could we not also do it for others?

So we began to help start-ups, other entrepreneurs and young businesses that needed extra help in being able to successfully move their products & services in a way they always thought possible but never actually were able to achieve.

A Brand New Sales Channel with Aldacom

A Brand New Sales Channel with Aldacom

Imagine waking up tomorrow to a brand new Sales Channel for your business. A virtual partner that works for you to effectively distribute your products anywhere in the world allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Aldacom is geared to make your sales distribution simpler, faster and more effective.
We have been very successful doing the exact same thing for ourselves over the last five years and have started to help many young businesses and start ups begin to thrive with this critical aspect made our responsibility.

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Sales Growth

Sales Growth

Most small to medium size business agree that they would like more time farming for new business and attracting brand new customers, provided there is someone caring for existing customers, ensuring there is a good chance they will come back.

This is where ALDACOM can help you.

In the same way we originally put together a winning sales channel, we have created a process that enables us to help other businesses with the distribution of their products.

This really does add value to these businesses who are able to maximise their time and focus which they were not able to do before.

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