Our original core competence lies in antenna and projection technology, which we have been developing on a daily basis since 2007. In the beginning, we worked with a few suppliers, who provided us with an extensive product portfolio in return.
From this on, we realized that the growing e-commerce projects are more and more related to the customer, and we have to adapt our projects to offer you the highest possible quality and the best possible price.

With this in mind, we searched for other suppliers and built long-lasting business relationships with them over the years. These carried over to renowned and worldwide production facilities, with those we are still working together.

These collaborations, combined with our quality standards, reflect our Alda PQ brand, which we have divided into three product categories.
First, we offer the Alda PQ® Professional lamp, which combines the highest possible production standards in its manufacture and processing. Second, we have the Alda PQ® Reference Lamp in our range, which offers you a high level of quality at an advantageous price. The Alda PQ® Premium lamp is our third category, where the focus is on price, which is considered among the quality standards.
True to our slogan: “E-commerce for you”, we want to provide you with the best lamps to support you in all your projects.